Tintin in stamps
last update : 28 August 2011


The second stamp with the rocket from "Explorers of the moon" was issued in October 15th 1999. It was already set with the Belgian Francs and the Euro price.

The first stamp of Tintin was issued by "la Régie des Postes de Belgique" (Belgian Post) October 1st 1979. September 29th and 30th an exclusive sale was made in four Belgian city: Braine-le-Comte, Jodoigne, Maasmechelen, et Zwijnaarde. This stamp was only available in Belgium and cost 8 FB which is now 20 cents Euros.


In September 1999 in the Netherlands, a special series of "Destination moon" was available in all the post office. This series is divided into 2 different sheets of stamps. The first one contains 2 stamps and the other one contains 5 stamps.

On March 11th 2000 it is now the French Post (Poste Française) which issued a special series "Fête du timbre". There are 2 different sheets of stamps. One with 1 stamp (on the left) and the other with 7 identical stamps (on the right and below).

On December 31st 2001 in order to "celebrate" the end of the Belgian franc, 2 series of stamps from "Tintin in the Congo" were issued. Big particularity: these series have been created in two versions, one for Belgium and the other for The Congo. This series were also done because of the album's seventieth birthday.

From 01/07/2002 to 31/08/2002, the French Post issued the "prêt-à-poster" (which is envelopes with stamps already drawn on them). This series contains 5 envelopes and 5 cards to go with.

Nevertheless the "prêt-à-poster" called "Prêt-à-souhaiter 7 à 77 ans" and "Joyeux anniversaire" constituted of an envelope already stamped and a card to go with, are always available.

A new series of Tintin envelopes (January 2004)

The French post offices have released a series of new Tintin envelopes with cards.

-Prêt-à-poster "Moulinsart"
Containing an envelope with an illustrated card
Envelope format : 110 x 220 mm

-Prêt-à-poster "Igloo Tintin"
Containing an envelope with an illustrated card
Envelope format : 110 x 114 mm

These envelopes can be found in the nearest post office (in France) for only 2 euros TTC.

For this triple celebration, the Belgian post-office has released in February 2004 a leaflet of stamps. Indeed it's Tintin 75th birthday but it's also the 50th of the album "Explorers on the moon" and also it's been 35 years that Neil Amstrong has stepped on the moon.

Website of the belgian post-office

Hergé 007 stamps

For Hergé's centenary, the Belgian post-office is issuing in May 2007 a sheet of 25 stamps portraying the adventures of Tintin set in in different foreign languages. Also including Hérgé's portrait.

Issue : 22 mai 2007




This French stamp leaflet contains 6 stamps with all Tintin characters. Can be sold one by one or by leaflet.

Issue : 14 Mai 2007













Tintin movie stamps

Before the movie release the Belgian post unveil a new serie of stamps. These are a chronological review of all the Tintin films made through years.

Issue : 30 August 2011