Where is Hergé?


In the Adventures of Tintin, we can sometimes see a character who seems familiar. This character is the reproduction of Hergé. Whether in the comics or in the cartoons, Hergé is often following Tintin. It reminds us Alfred Hitchcock who had the habit to appear in his films. But Hergé is more visible in the cartoons because they have been produced after his death and his appearance is considered as a tribute.
Here is a list of Hergé's appearances in the comics and in the cartoons.


Hergé in the comics

Tintin in the Congo: We can see him wearing a brown suit with his collaborators at the first page in the first frame. Thompson and Thomson are also present but only anonymously.

King Ottokar's Sceptre: Hergé is wearing a green uniform at page 38 in the bottom frame, he is standing at the left.

Destination Moon: In this album Hergé is sitting backwards to us and we only see his back. He is with his collaborators in page 18 frame 2-6-7.

The Calculus affair: In the last frame, right hand corner, page 13 Hergé is drawing sketches in front of Marlinspike hall.

Hergé in the cartoons

Tintin in the land of the Soviets: This adventure has never been produced in cartoon.

Tintin in the Congo: This adventure has never been produced in cartoon.

Tintin in America: In this episode Hergé is disguised as a gangster. We can see him seated on the first row in the room where Al Capone ask his audience to arrest Tintin.

Cigars of the Pharaoh

Cigars of the Pharaoh: Hergé can be seen as an assistant of Rastapopoulos' film. We can see him another time while Tintin is being chased in the home garden, disguised in Napoleon.

The Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus: At the beginning of the episode when Tintin is going to see Mitsuhirato, Hergé is standing near the shop looking at his watch. Near the end when Chang and Tintin meet Thompson and Thomson, Hergé is seated in a café.

The broken ear

The broken ear: Hergé can be seen twice. At the beginning where he takes a photograph of the Arumbaya fetish and at the end where he is leaning on the bar of the boat which takes Tintin home.

The black Island: When Tintin gets on the train to go to the port, Hergé is getting before him. On the train when Tintin is asleep, Hergé is walking through the corridor and is looking at him. We can see him another time at a table eating with other people when Tintin is chasing Müller in the train.

King Ottokar's Sceptre: Hergé is gathered with other people in front of Tintin's flat when this one explodes.

The Crab with the golden claws: Hergé appears twice. The first time at the beginning of the episode, he is helping Tintin to stand up when he has been attacked. And the second time, at the end when he is asking to Thomson & Thompson and when he takes a photograph of Captain Haddock and Tintin.

Shooting Star: Hergé can be seen at the beginning when Tintin is looking at the star. He standing behind him holding his jacket on his arm.

The Secret of the Unicorn: When Haddock invites Tintin to see the frame of his ancestor, Hergé is in front of the Captain's flat talking to Tintin's landlady.

Red Rackham's treasure

Red Rackham's treasure: During the first seconds, Hergé can be seen seated at a table in the bar called "l'Ancre".

Seven crystal balls: Hergé is part of the orchestra when Captain Haddock falls into it with his Cow mask. He is also in the hospital where the seven explorers are.

Prisoners of the sun: In this episode, Hergé can be seen in the train station where Tintin and Captain Haddock take the train. He is wearing a green pancho and a big hat. And then we will see him again when Captain Haddock wants to spit on lamas, he is at the beginning of the sequence drawing.

Land of Black Gold: Hergé can be seen when Thompson and Thomson are getting on the boat, he is disguised as a sailor scratching his head. He is also part of the people when Tintin makes the firebombs explode.

Destination moon: Before that XFLR6 explodes, Hergé is standing at the left of the screen with the "hacker team".

Explorers on the moon

Explorers of the moon: Hergé is present with Baxter when the rocket lands and when Tintin steps on the moon. He is also getting in the rocket to rescue Tintin and his friends.

The Calculus Affair: Hergé is walking near Tintin and Haddock in the hall of the hotel where Calculus is staying.

The red sea Sharks: Hergé appears in the hall of the Excelsior hotel when Tintin and Haddock want to see Alcazar.

Tintin in Tibet

Tintin in Tibet: In this episode Hergé is drawing in the foreground when Tintin is ready to go climbing.

The Castafiore Emerald

The Castafiore Emerald: In this episode Hergé is part of the television staff who are interviewing the Castafiore. He is also in one image of the Television that Professor Calculus invented.

Flight 714: At the beginning of the episode Hergé is sitting on the bench which is behind Careidas. We can see him again at the end with Doctor Krospell in the black & white television.

Tintin and the Picaros: Hergé appears twice. The first time, he is drawing when the plane lands on the San Theodoros. And the second time he appears very quickly during the carnaval in front of the Tapioca's house.

Tintin and the Alph-Art: This adventure has never been produced in cartoon.

Tintin and the lake of sharks: Hergé does not appear in this adventure.