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The Universe of Tintin

Welcome to the Universe of Tintin. This website has been made for all the people who like The Adventures of Tintin. You will find a lot of different things as Hergé's biography, The foreign editions, Tintin in stamps and with the model cars, The Castafiore's song, The Thompsons' disguises, The mythic places, Tintin quizz, Calculus' inventions, The missing frames, mp3s, Coloring sheets ... and many other things.

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Last update: 2 Jan 2018
Online since: 21 Sept 2002



-Hergé's biography
-Hergé's other works
Where is Herge?
Hergé's studio


-Main characters
Secondary characters
Tintin is polyglot
-The characters' voices


-Foreign editions
Map of the Globe-trotter
Buy merchandise and books abroad


-Tintin art specialist
Tintin in stamps
Tintin in the world of Harrap
Tintin and model cars
Tintin in records

-Tintin outfits
Thompsons' disguises
The Castafiore's song
Haddock's curses
Snowy in the water
Calculus' inventions


-Imagine Quizz (4 levels)
Dialogus Quizz (2 levels)
Adventure of Snowy
Find the pairs (5 levels)
-Coloring sheets


-Tintin is everywhere
School Herge
-Missing frames
-Mythic places



-Surprising websites

Links to French websites
Links to foreign websites

Link to this website


-Contact me if you have any questions...






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Illustrations: © Hergé/Moulinsart